Friday, January 13, 2006

Hamster hunt.

I finished my Wk02 Collage, beginnings II and managed to get it posted before the 9pm deadline. For this piece I had played with acrylic paint on fusible web a couple of months ago - just stamped and dabbed the paint. I transfered it to a light tan fabric. It had a tacky surface, especially while warm but was less so as it hung on the design wall. I did do some machine quilting on it and will most likely do a few more accent lines. I seem to have a penchant for landscape orientation for these small works. That left me wondering if the Journal Quilt Challenge is "suppose" to be portrait or landscape. My husband said I was being a little anal... that left me wondering if one could be a little anal... all of this occured after an hour long hamster hunt... my day was going too smooth. Somehow the hamster had gotten inside the couch. (My daughter is heading back to college tomorrow with her two guinea pigs and the hamster that she is hamster-sitting.)Next week should be quieter, I'm anxious to get to the studio and spent long hours of uninterrupted time.

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PaigeTurner said...

very evocative! You've created a lot of texture and emotion here!