Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Collage - Wk 42

Sunny Tove

I sketched this guy and had him on my design wall for the last couple of weeks. My daughter wants me to make a stuffed animal - I think the new term is "softie" - instead I gave him a 3D nose and tail. His body is one piece of fabric fused in place. I used fabrico markers to draw on his brown "fur", added pink and green to highlight features, and black to outline. I stitched everything in place with black thread. I was going to call him Stan, but I think Sunny is a better fit!

I'm finishing up the month with a cheshire cat character. I've almost worked out the sketch - right now he's a little scary... 'human teeth' on a cat is just wrong!

The theme for November's collages is Fairy Tales. I have already started doing some research. There are so many stories from so many countries that it's hard to chose just four. There's a Norwegian tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon and a Native American story of how Coyote created the Milky Way that I'm considering. They dovetail nicely into a Celestial Bodies project that I'm working on throughout 2007.


Anonymous said...

He's such a charmer! I love the nose and that cheery border that you've used with all of this month's lil' critters!

sue b said...

Isn't he full of personality! He is just too sweet. Love his coloring and he really does look furry. Nicely done!

ACey said...

that is one of my favorite coyote stories - can't wait to see how it represents.

Joanna van said...

He's really cute. I can see him as furry little "softie".

Deb H said...

Funny Kim, He's so cute!

& yes, I should think about snowflakes for December! Thanks!

debraspincic said...

What a funny critter!

I will have to stop by more often and see how you handle the fairy tales.

Let me know when you have the 2007 list ready and want to announce it on the webring.