Tuesday, October 24, 2006

October JQC2006

New Year Antics

This certainly has been a month of ludicrous characters for me - so, a skeleton with attitude seems appropriate for this October Journal Quilt. The background fabric was a scrap left over from the Selene piece I did last month. The challenge for this piece was to "sketch" the skeleton in thread. I'm not sure how practical detail like this is on a quilt but I'm satisfied with the way it turned out. I am not pleased with the design overall - oh well - Trick or Treat!

With only two more months left for this years Journal Quilt Challenge, I am trying to figure out a theme/plan of attack for my Journal Quilts of 2007. Some inspiration comes from these quilt artist:

Larkin Van Horn - exploring the symbolism of color combined with a central motif
Maria Elkin - using a feather motif and systematically experimenting with many differnet techniques
Linda Matthews - inspired by a book of celtic meditations

and then, I think it might be interesting to something more traditional but in a smaller scale like the beautiful work of

Kate Adams - who create fine miniature quilts.

Anyone planning an approach to Journal Quilts for 2007?


sue b said...

I think this is a very neat little quilt. Your thread painted skeleton looks great and those little ghosts hovering in the background are pretty cool.

Micki said...

Cute quilt, Kim. Your skeleton is great, don't think I could stitch one that well.

debraspincic said...

Your skeleton is super! I hope you kept the sketch for other projects. He has all kinds of possibilities.

I checked out the mini quilts--WOW!Some small stuff! I might be interested in doing something like that too. . . might. ;-)

Kay said...

The skeleton sketch shows up very well, I think.

The cheshire cat above is a bit creepy, but seems perfect for Halloween as you say. Great teeth--I know you had some trouble with that, but the striped fabric seems a perfect solution.

Sande said...

While Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, you have captured the 'spirit' of it well. The bright orange pumpkins on the black really pop and your skeleton turned out very nicely. It is a very interesting journal piece.

Anonymous said...

I'm not keeping up with everyone very well. Glad I finally got to see this one. I really like it, the vividness of the pumpkins against the black is great and the stitched skeleton and ghosts are wonderful. That black and white patterned fabric in the background adds a great touch to the whole.