Thursday, March 20, 2008

March TIFC - Day Five

I opted to use my Bernina to write the words on the TIFC. I selected a silky variegated thread (black/gray/white) which helps to create an illusion of transparency. Slow progress today as I spent a good portion of the day visiting.

Living consciously...

A lovely, joyful practice today and one that I wholeheartedly embrace: "I commit to deepening my relationship with myself, others and the earth itself."

Over the course of the last three months, Hendricks has suggested nearly a dozen "I commit..." statements. For the most part I agree with the spirit of them but my difficulty is remembering them and holding them in the present moment. I suppose that is the argument for living consciously so I just need to figure out how to break my conditioned patterns of behavior. Earlier in the year I joked about having a list of all the "I commit..." statements, it may be time to do that. A gentle reminder that I can refer to daily (or hourly!)


jenclair said...

I like the way the variegated thread text fades in and out leaving a shimmer effect.

We are on the same wave-length again. I've just finished the book by Lamay Surya Das and my concentration lately has been on mindfulness. He suggests taking a week each for various forms of mindfulness. The first week is sound. In the monastery, a gong is struck or a bell is rung to instigate a moment of mindfulness. Das recommends choosing a sound and then when you hear it- stop, center yourself, and pay attention.

It is surprising how many sounds never make it into our consciousness. This morning as I sat outside and wrote in my journal, I made a list of those background sounds and the ones that punctuate them.

Micki said...

I really like the addition of writing on this piece.