Sunday, March 02, 2008

March - tube socks

I'm not sure where the weekend went. While I did make some progress in getting the studio space picked up that's about all that happened. I did start my socks for this month - a pair of toe up tube socks on one needle.

I had my daughter try on the pair of socks I made for January - just a basic sock.

Living consciously...

Clearly I need to check the wiring in my brain. Hendricks writes of miracles and I think of putative saints and the Catholic church. It takes me a while to recognize that he's referring more to creating windows of opportunities and being open to the possibility of "something wonderful" happening. Much of it focusing on improving relationship through what he calls "10 second miracles". (Seems he has yet another book , Ten Second Miracles.)

Just need to remind myself to pick and choose what works for me. Today's practice was to 'visualize a happy place and feel overfilled with joy' - first, my coffee.

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jenclair said...

Love your socks! A pair a month is a worthy goal.