Saturday, March 29, 2008

Taking care...

A couple of things today to take care of the planet.

Spring cleaning at the coast today from 10am to 1pm - hopefully the weather will be kind.

From 8 to 9pm today we turned out the lights in support of Earth Hour.

And, on a completely unrelated note:

At the gas pump in Olympia, Washington... talk about fueling up!

Menu Week 14 -
Sat: Pizza
Sun: Spinach Frittata
Mon: Black Bean Soup
Tue: Smoked Salmon and Gruyere paninis
Wed: Shrimp and Artichoke pasta
Thu: Dinner out
Fri: Dinner out

Living consciously...

I think the message of the day was to practice "contributing to abundance" of the world by first loving yourself and then others. It was tangled up producer, distributor and consumer lingo.

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