Friday, June 27, 2008

Zap it

I'm a little suspicious but after suffering with migraines for many years, there may be a "new" treatment - TMS, a transcranial magnetic stimulation device that interrupts the hyper-excitability of neurons in the brain that have been blamed for launching migraines. (This article at WebMD.)

I remember times when I'd calming ask my husband to go get the drill out of the garage so I could just "relieve" the pain. So a little gun that pulses might just work. Maybe they could recycle...

Living consciously...

The practice, to pause and ask throughout the day: "What is my intention right now?" Observe your intention to make sure it is driven by your unconscious programming or your chosen path of conscious living.

I really wish I was a conscious practitioner of my intention. But I unfortunate spent too much of my time in autopilot - albeit a carefully considered, custom designed autopilot. It gets me through the day fairly successfully but it may not be getting me where I really need to go. In the reading, Hendricks said "Think of intention as the first flow of energy in a particular direction." That made me pause. I may need to modify the software to allow for some WIMI moments.
(WIMI - What is my intention?)

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Vicki W said...

Wouldn't that be nice!!