Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Too hot for me

I kept the house closed up - blinds drawn, doors closed - to keep it as cool as possible today. It's after 10pm and the temperature has finally dropped to 78F. I'm thinking we should drop the temperature in the hot tub so that we can cool off. I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures over the next few day (mid 80's) before it starts heating up again.

On the plus side, it looks beautiful outside.

Living consciously...

It was a lovely practice today: ...identify your art, and do something -- anything -- to let the artist know that she or he will not starve from your neglect.

I was struck by "neglect" and how I'm guilty of that. I started thinking that if my artist was the child within how would I care for it differently - feed it, nourish it, play with it, encourage it, inspire it... I could certainly be doing a better job!

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