Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weekly Collage

wk 28-08

I used left over scraps from the previous weekly collage in this one. A mixture of laziness and being 'at ease' with using the pieces of fabric littering the studio. I quilted the tie-dye fabric using some purple thread. Easy.

Living consciously...

I got an early start and attempted to do the practice first thing. It required more alertness than I was prepared for this morning. Briefly: go to a secret you have long held; identify the quality that got you into the trouble; find the flip side of the quality; and reflect on how it has been a gift to you and to others.

What comes to mind is wrapped up with emotional intimacy issues - I don't want it fixed, I just want to be heard but my buttons get pushed when someone gives unsolicited advice or asks close-ended questions and then I tend to go silent. It's not so much a "secret" anymore, letting go of some ego issues has given me a stronger voice to speak more directly to how I feel without judging if someone was hearing me right. (This shadow still falls over spousal discussions - but I'm more aware and it's getting better.) On the flip side, I think I'm a good listener and am able to empathize with others.


Vicki W said...

It might have been easy but it's very effective!

jenclair said...

Oh, that rich purple!