Monday, August 18, 2008

Aug TIFC - Day One

I am finally getting around to starting the August Take it Further Challenge. SharonB posed the question "What is balance to you?" and recommends this palette:

I thought about the question for a minute and stared at the the word BALANCE. It wasn't long before I saw that I could use the letters in the word to spell two other words - CAN and ABLE. Perfect! It captures what balance means to me - I do what I can when I am able. Inspired I drew a quick sketch using the colors for the challenge.

I've been on a cleaning frenzy in the studio and took a few minutes to sort through a bag of fabric scraps that have fusible web on them hoping to find scraps matching the palette. Found what I needed and immediately started rough cutting shapes to iron onto a long narrow piece on hand-dyed fabric that I was going to cut up.

I'm going to try and finish this piece during the next couple of days as I have house guests arriving on Thursday.

My oldest turned twenty-three today. Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Living consciously...

How can I hold my identities in such a way that I become most authentic?

What to be and what not to be - that is the question. I think throughout life we ask that and with the ebb and flow of the various identities we take on we become who we are. Hopefully, the ego doesn't mess it all up and lock us into a "false" identity. By honoring the roles and responsibilities I have and gathering experiences along the way, I should become exactly the person I'm suppose to be... me.


Kay said...

Too clever! What a wonderful example of the inspiration moment/

jenclair said...

This makes smile! I like the figure trying to balance on a pyramid of balls which are always threatening slip out of formation.

Kim said...

kay - I figure I have to go with the flow as quick as I can because if I wait too long I forget what I was doing.

jen - Pretty much sums it up, doesn't it. Maybe I should work on a companion piece... sprawled out on the floor under an avalanche of balls!