Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a bobbin a bobbin

It felt so good to turn on the sewing machine and do some work today! I'm working on quilting three pieces: Crumb Bear; July TIFC; and August TIFC.

The Sewing Machine (song):

Living consciously...

I like today's practice: Think about one material change and one behavioral change that you've already made. Then think about one relationship change that is ahead of you.

With material and behavioral changes over the last eight months or so, I continue to focus on organizing and simplifying my life. I think my attitude and my approach of making small steady changes has worked. It would be ideal if that same approach worked with relationship changes. But I suppose it does, if I focus on making small steady changes in my behavior and in how I see the relationship, then I think change happens.

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jenclair said...

Thanks, this clip was fun! Happy quilting!