Wednesday, August 20, 2008

July TIFC - Day Six - Done (ish)

I'm declaring it my July TIFC piece done but I still have charms and beads to add. I made a list of the charms I'm going to add but it may take me some time to find them. So far I've attached 14 charms, only 43 to go to be current, sigh, but that's okay. I am very satisfied with the way the piece has turned out. It stayed true to my original idea and sketch as I described it in this post on July 22nd.

I worked the piece over six days, here are links to the previous days:
Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Five.

Living consciously...

Hendricks recommends an exercise in shifting perceptions as practice today. As an example he talks about the proverbial glass water and how by "seeing" with your mind it can either be half-full or half empty. Try "seeing" with your heart and appreciate things for their simple existence.

Since reading Tolle's A New Earth, I've worked on being more present in the moment and accepting things for what they are. I think I'm much better at dampening the ego and worry thinking while learning to appreciate my passion for being and doing.


jenclair said...

"Done(ish)" - what a great description! I was thinking this morning about a doing a post on "What Now?" to cover those things that are "finished" but that I don't really know what to do with. "Done(ish)" describes a number of those projects.

I'm wondering about the charms you might be waiting to find...

McIrish Annie said...

I'm impressed with your speed and creativity for the August TIFC. I love the idea and that you jumped right to it. Wish I was more like that! but wishing will not make it happen.. must do! I CAN and I am ABLE! :)

Kim said...

jen - Oh, so many charms left to find, including:
bunny, pie, and pumpkin to represent the births of my sisters; a mortarboard; blue glass for the year I lived in Bristol England; Madonna; sewing machine; red salamander; cowgirl; Mustang to mark the year my grandmother died... and then you know just 33 more after that!

I am also looking to find some white or iridescent glass stars to add to the piece marking births and deaths of family and friends. The whole exercise has been interesting and I'm considering making pieces for my daughters that they can add to as they age.

annie - Thanks. As I told Kay if I don't move on things quickly I tend to forget them. Also, I really do like working with a lot of spontaneity.

Way to work the affirmation, Annie! ^_^

Laura Lea said...

Oh fascinating. Love this very much! The quote is similar to one of my favorites, which of course I can't put my finger right this minute. The charms are great. I am hoping you put some kind of an index, or key on the back to remind future generations.... oh and do make them for family members, what a great gift from the heart and a keepsake to treasure! This is really wonderful! So inspirational!

Kim said...

laura lea - Thanks! Great idea about a key on the back - I hadn't thought of that. The "live, love, learn and leave a legacy" comes from Stephen Covey's First Things First (book).