Monday, August 04, 2008

Slow Monday

I ironed the last of the scraps today and will soon be through with trimming and sorting them. I really underestimated the amount of time this job took but I am thankful to (nearly) have it done.

The Summer Olympics start Friday. I've not made any plans to knit during my TV watching but I do have several pairs of socks I could be working on. I am so behind!

Living consciously...

Hendricks writes - In conscious relationship, an essential goal to move toward is reaching a place where you no longer feel the need to defend your feelings, and also reaching a place where you do not demand proof from another about the validity of what the other feels. For the practice, he suggests storing away this affirmation My feelings are facts and remind yourself of it during your next conflict with your partner.

This may take some time and effort. Intellectually, I get that my feeling don't need to to be defended or validated however when I'm engaged in conflict that is often exactly what I'm looking to do. I also know that trying to defend or seek validation often fuels the conflict so it probably wouldn't hurt to try a different tactic.


jenclair said...

We need a picture of what you are going to do with the that you are through trimming and sorting. Are you going to make a crumb quilt?

Sorting scraps is a chore that I can't face at the moment, but certainly does need attending to.

Kim said...

jen - Finally got them all done and and love the order! -- posting a pic with my Tuesday post.
Tomorrow I'm going to do something with some of the crumbs as part of my weekly collage. Don't know what yet, maybe it'll come to me while I sleep!

I put off taking care of the scraps for a long time. Grumbled a lot while I was doing it but I am so thankful to be done. The challenge now is to use the scrap and maintain the order.