Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday Surf

Surfing around YouTube again today. I came across "Handmade Portraits" - two that I really enjoyed were MaryInk and MVKnits. After I watched them I then went on to discover that these were sponsored by Etsy. Why I didn't make that connection before... I haven't made much attention to the Etsy world. Oh my, another place to lose time! More Handmade Portraits at This Handmade Life.

Living consciously...

Hendricks presented a useful tool in the reading to help manage conflicts: take ownership of the issue; take ownership of the (unconscious) intention; and take ownership of the solution. This goes along with his previous charge to take 100% responsibility in a relationship. The goal is to approach the management of conflict with wonder -- wonder about your responsibility so you can move the relationship forward.

Practicing this three-fold tool will be a challenge for me. It seems that during the last few months, I'm finding myself walking away from conflicts - self-imposed time outs. I guess now when I take my walk I can start wondering about the tool.

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