Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weekly Collage


The theme for this month's weekly collages is 'Beauty' and I was not at all inspired. I checked the dictionary for a definition to start with and then search for some quotes. I found several and started to write them in my journal. The first quote had the word 'heart' in it as well so I looked for other quotes with both beauty and heart. For this weekly I used a quote from Christopher Morley -

In every man's heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibration of beauty.

I did get a little carried away and sketched out three other ideas for the weeklies this month. I may even use them - I'll see how I feel next week.

Living consciously...

Over the next several days Hendricks promises to talk about conscious sexuality and begins by asking if your childhood family treated it with openness or embarrassment.

Clue #1. I was born in the early fifties. Clue #2. My sisters and I were embarrassed by our parents 'playfulness.' Clue #3. My children seem fine with my husband's and my playfulness (although they have been know to say "you guys are weird" which I think has more to do with the fact that we are old... in their eyes!)


Alis said...

I love the colours in your collage Kim. I think all your drawings are fabulous. I love to see other note books ;0)

Kim said...

alis Thanks. I wasn't sure about the purple-green-pink combination but it works well enough! I have really enjoyed working with the journal -- the daily ritual has been a great way to get started in the studio.