Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Nada, nothing... I didn't even get close to the studio.

The bottom middle of the crossword puzzle gave me problems. Who knew Mineta had a first name? I prefer a Rusty Nail to a Brass Monkey. Lotte Lenya, she played Rosa Klebb in From Russia with Love.

Living consciously...

Today's practice is a modification of random acts of kindness: Seek acts of service.

An act of helpful activity - good idea.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to share with you my favorite Rusty Nail story. I was in Scotland, way out in the countryside, and I went into a bar. The place was crowded with young people (who worked at the local tourist attraction) and some delightful 20-ish youths invited me to sit with them. I ordered a rusty nail but the waiter had never heard of it, nor had my new friends. So I explained how to make it, and the drink was delivered. The young'uns were curious about my drink, they had drunk whisky (scotch) of course, and some had tasted Drambuie on occasion, but it never occurred to them to put the two together. After the glass was passed around for tastes, a round was ordered for the table. We all had a fine time drinking rusty nails long into the night.

And horrible hangovers the next day.

Kim said...

rian - Curious about the drink, huh? I've met a few of those folks myself. Even though it was just me and my husband we had a similar experience in Edinburgh -- a waiter not knowing the "recipe" -- but we avoided the hangover! We did however fall in love with Black Ribbon Drambuie.