Saturday, December 06, 2008

Taking on the creative cobwebs

I'm taking on a new challenge during the last three weeks of this year. I've decided to adopt the Japanese tradition of Susu-harai (found here.) I'm fed up with dust, the piles, and the junk drawers that seem to have a life of their own. They are minor little messes that clutter my head and block my Qi. I may not get to all the outside tasks but I will get the back decks cleaned up. While garage and office need the most attention, making sure I get to all the little nooks and crannies throughout the house will me creatively when the new year starts. I figure if my cleaning (and cooking) chores and challenges are under control I'll have that freedom of mind to spend time in the studio.

(I know I was mixing the Japanese susharai with the Chinese qi -- checking into the Japanese word ki, I came across some Ki exercises. I won't be doing ushiro tori!)

Living consciously...

For today: Practice describing behaviors you observe--without judgment of those behaviors. Focus on the what and when, not the how and why.

This is suppose to help in dealing with overwhelming feelings. Instead of reacting to a slamming door, calming say "I heard the door slam when you went outside." Then what? Okay, I know it's a process.


Anonymous said...

You will be surprised at how much this space-clearing will energize you and open your creative paths. I am very aware of how much dust blocks my chi. After you clean your corners be sure to ring a bell in the corners to clear out the negative energy that collects there. You could also try burning some white sage. You can find it at the health food store.

Kim said...

rian - I do agree with the concept of space-clearing to open up creative paths. I think that's why I like to get my chores done early in the day so that when I get to the studio nothings nagging at me. Now, if my husband catches me ringing bells in the corners, he may lock up the liquor cabinet and we can't have that! Ha.