Friday, December 05, 2008

A Toast

Happy Repeal Day!

Friday turns out not to be a good day for creative work. I did walk by the studio but didn't venture in. I suppose I "gathered" inspiration throughout the day and now, I believe, I'll celebrate Repeal Day with a cocktail. While the Bostonist recommends one of these two cocktails, I'll probably have a Rusty Nail or a Mallelieu. Cheers!

Living consciously...

The practice today is another commitment: I commit to learning how to honor my feelings and perceptions and those of others with whom I have relationships.

I've lost track of the number of "I commit" statements that Hendricks has offered. I'm engaged in living, doing my best along the way. I keep to my simple reminder and maybe even tack on an "I commit" ---

I commit to Live, Love, Learn and leave a Legacy with L.U.C.K.

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