Saturday, February 19, 2011

and the pursuit of...

I need to work on my happiness list. Not the public happiness a la the Declaration of Independence, but my own private happiness - both obvious and circuitous. I'm sure that some of the things that end up on my list will also contribute positively to the civil society, for example: random acts of kindness; volunteer work; charitable giving; etc. I really want to focus on what makes me happy, so that I can better understand how I want to spend my time and also share that list with the people in my life so they can support me in pursuing that happiness. For the holidays/birthdays, we make these lists of the things we want and share them. And when the gifts come, some of them are obviously right off the list and others arrive in a more roundabout way inferred from the list. That's kind of what I'm looking for with my happiness list.

Most of the time I'm be satisfied with that contentment sensation. Some of the time I just need to be aware and appreciative of the fact that I was content. In either case, I want to be more proactive. And by all means, try to have some joy and ecstasy along the way, however fleeting they may be!

I know for a fact that time in the studio makes me happy. Even though I didn't get any time there today, it was a good day. Good conversation, time with friends, time with family, and now, late at night, I have time alone to work on Friday's NYTimes crossword.

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Rian said...

That sounds like a pretty good day to me!