Sunday, February 20, 2011

happy,and 3bt

I'm still ruminating over the happiness thing. I returned to one of my favorite places on the web - ZenHabits - and once again reread Handbook for Life: 52 tips for Happiness and Productivity. As I read the list I was surprised by how many of the tips didn't surprise me at all. I can't say if I've actively adopted them or if, over time, I have just settled into them as part of how I live life.There are a few I would like to more proactively pursue: Keep a Journal (did, stopped, would like to restart) and Lose Arguments (not my voice!)

I also stumbled upon this blog, Three Beautiful Things, and I think it is such a lovely idea. It may be just what I need to address a few of other things on the 52 tips. I should be able to think of three things that have given me pleasure during the day - hopefully it won't be the same three things everyday! Ha.

1. This quilt, Alabama Beauty, that Deb Geyer is quilting. The quilt top was made by *KarenDianne. The artistry of both of these women absolutely delights me.
2. Jamie at the beach... at 10 years old, she tires a little faster but she is one happy dog!

3. I'm making a garland for a friend as a birthday present. A simple little thing. It takes about ten minutes to crochet one heart - every time I finish one, I just smile. I want to have it done Tuesday morning... plenty of time.

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Angelcat said...

Those hearts are going to make a beautiful garland