Friday, February 25, 2011

circles of life

I spent the day working on 22 inset circles. I used raw silk for the circle. It's a lousy picture but the silk adds lots of texture.

These pieces will be going into a large piece, 18x32 inches that I planning to have done before the end of next month. Since I'm not feeling any panic, I must be more or less on schedule.

and now, 3BT*

  1. It snowed today. It was pretty. The thing that pleased me the most was when the sun came out, light reflected off the snow and flooded the house. 
  2. I won the book give away at Food Blogga
  3. After she saw the Dr. and filled her prescriptions (pain meds for whiplash), my daughter walked over to Starbucks and told them that she never got to enjoy her FREE coffee that she had picked up right before the accident. They immediately gave her a replacement coffee. Chutzpah, maybe, but it pleases me that this kid knows that it's the little things we do that can make a big difference in how we take care of ourselves.

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