Wednesday, February 23, 2011

everything is beautiful

There are only beautiful things right now!

  1. My daughter is okay.
  2. My daughter is okay.
  3. My daughter is okay.
The young man that ran the stop sign said he was really sorry for ruining her day. He had  rammed the driver's door, shattering the window and windshield, bent the steering wheel, and pushed the front tire under the car The 1987 Volvo that she was driving suffered it's first accident and is probably totaled. She saw it coming and tried to avoid the collision. She said she remembered to turn her head away from the glass.  After she got back to her apartment she found glass in her socks, pants, and shirt. She has a minor cut on her foot and is beginning to feel a little achy and sore all over. 

My daughter is okay. That's all that really matters. 


Beverly said...

yes, it is all that matters. Just keep telling yourself that.

Diane said...

I'm SO glad your daughter is okay. It's good to remember our priorities, isn't it?

Rian said...

OMG how scary! I am glad she is okay. Life is so fragile.