Tuesday, February 22, 2011

cookies, tea, and friendship

I made these cookies afternoon tea with a friend. They were absolutely delicious. I use Dagoba chocolate, a 72% baking chocolate (which unfortunately they longer sell!) and this recipe from Debby Maugans' cookbook, Small Batch Baking for Chocolate Lovers (read about it at Food Blogga). Just thinking about them makes my mouth water. The recipe only makes seven cookies. I had one, my friend had one and my husband had one... there seems to be a missing cookie.

and 3BT:

  1. I am definitely counting today's cookie as a beautiful thing that gave me pleasure!
  2. Four hours of conversation with a dear friend (and a cookie, does it get any better?)
  3. She loved her Heart Garland (didn't sew beads on it but I did "wrap" it in a custom bag inspired by a guest blogger at Whip Up.) I got a big hug and then she wrapped the garland around her neck like a scarf. 

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