Sunday, May 18, 2008

Work plan

With thirteen days left in the month, I am bound and determined to get all my projects current. I'm not sure how yet but just spending time in the studio tomorrow would be a helluva start.
1. May TIFC... from here about 3 hours
2. April TIFC... from here about 6 hours
3. April SAL - anklet... Toe-up Anklet -- I have no idea how much time this will take! 8-10 hours?
4. May SAL - Knitty pattern... Tulip Toes ~6 hours?
5. May Weeklies - Order... Sketched out the ideas, five total, ~ 10 hours.
6. Finish and mail Birthday postcards... ~ 2 hours
7. April Journal quilt... ~3 hours
8. May Journal quilt... ~3 hour

I think there's a lesson in this somewhere. I'll figure it out in June.

Living consciously...

Hendricks talks of 'soul choices' today and I'm not exactly sure what his point is. He concludes with: You get in the habit of protecting yourself at an early age by pretending not to be the way you are.

I tend to believe I've stayed pretty close to who I am most of my life. There were some work roles and early relationships when I was less than true to myself. For the most part I trust my intuition about my choices in life and have enjoyed the journey. If anything, lately, my 'soul' has been eager to make some changes. I just need to figure out what they are.


Kay said...

Your May TIF is a good take on that theme. I have no thoughts on it at all, and am sitting out this month unless lightning strikes. Good luck on the project list.

Sande said...

Eeeeww! Good luck with getting those finished! But I guess we're not much without goals!!